Omslag till Zach Bryans album Zach Bryan.

Zach Bryan - Zach Bryan


Pitchfork 6,7/10

Av Sam Sodomsky


Pitchfork verkar gilla men tvekar ändå om vad de tycker om Zach Bryans nya album. 

”In one song he rails against acts who compose “songs about nothing” and others fueled by “backdoor deals and therapy,” and Bryan’s obsession with raw, unprocessed emotion sometimes boxes him into a dour, one-dimensional sound. The overall effect of his records can be like binging an entire season of a network drama: one dramatic gesture after another, all delivered with the same minor-to-major gravitas, all gunning for the same emotional response. When he sings a chorus of “I ain’t spotless/Neither is you,” accompanied by the Lumineers, the sentiment feels so meaningless that it might as well come from the same Nashville assembly line that Bryan stands so proudly against.”